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Date: 2001-06-28 18:50:00 UTC
Subject: WS and ADV

I'm proposing a question about Waardenburg Syndrome and ADV. I have been
watching posted photos online of various ferrets that are ADV positive, or
have full blown ADV. I have only seen/heard of one positive ferret with some
WS features... however this owner has not been contacted to verify this, or
to verify to what degree the Waardenburg gene is expressed in said ferret.
My question is this ... does anyone have, or has anyone seen a ferret
with full blown WS expression (the markings, traits, and deafness), along
with ADV? I realize a many people don't even know if there ferrets have ADV.
I realize a tiny fraction of those that do know are online, let alone are
open with it. I realize many private breeders, thankfully, don't breed with
the gene. However many MF, and PV, etc ferrets with WS have been exposed.
This correlation is just something I've noticed over time. So anecdotally,
if there are no or a very little number of ferrets with both. I'd like to
know. Because maybe the reasearchers should know and could look into this?


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