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Date: 2001-06-28 22:54:00 UTC
Subject: Mikey's blood results

My vet just phoned me regarding Mikey's blood results. They were not
too bad. The only things out were his liver enzymes.
Alt - 390
Alk Phos - 192
bilirubin - 1.1

He said that there is a possibility that they are on their way down
due to his bladder infection which he had when I got him. We will re-
run the bloods next week to make sure that they are coming down. If
need be my vet will ultrasound his liver, but only if the liver is
still causing concern. With the results at this point he is not
overly concerned about his lymphnodes. I am so relieved
as I was worried about lymphosarcoma.
Now just to find out about his heart, but we are hoping for the best.