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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-01 20:18:00 UTC
Subject: adrenal cryosurgery

The ferret may or may not need medications, depending on if a tiny
bit of adrenal tissue remains. Ashling is on twice a day Florinef
and Prednisone with excellent results.

Yes, Charlie Weiss's video can be learned about at and it covers a great deal besides cyrosurgery.

> From: "Diana Ashton" <pooh1999@g...>
>Subject: bi lateral adrenal
>I have a friend that adopted from me about a year ago and her
>little ferret mindy will be having her 2nd adrenal taken out on the
>12th. Our vet does not have the equipment for cryo surgery but there
>is another clinic in town who does but he has never seen the inside
>of a ferret and would rather not do the surgery so he ofered the use
>of his equipment if our vet scrubbed with him. My question is kind
>of two fold. What are the long term effects of having the second
>gland removed and is there medication that she will be required to
>be on and the second question is, didnt Dr Weiss have a video made
>of his cryo surgery and if so is it still available?
>Diana and The Ferret Farm