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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-06-29 04:14:00 UTC
Subject: Time to go to the polls!

Ok guys, I need you to go to the polls!

The answers are annonymous.. no one will know who said what.
We are looking at how often you test for ADV and how many households
or shelters have an ADV+ ferret. And how many don't! Those people who
don't know what ADV is, go anyway and let us know that. I would
really like to have everyone respond to this one.

People and shelters with ADV+ fuzzies. Only if you are comfortable
doing so, I would so appreciate a private email telling me how many
positive ferrets you have so that I can sort of get a headcount and
the State you are in. Confusion doesn't count as a state... If I
don't get any private responses I'll set up an anonymous poll by
region, as putting all 50 states as an option isn't an option.
Shelters who have had ADV positive ferrets and fostered them
elsewhere, please don't respond unless you are sure the foster
parents can't. I really don't want to count the same ferret twice.
Ferrets who have crossed over don't count either.. cause there isn't
any ADV on the other side of the rainbow bridge,

Hug your fuzzies!