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Date: 2001-06-29 10:40:00 UTC
Subject: ferret only eating baby food

Got a question about necessary caloric intake.

My ferret Slinky "decided" a few weeks ago that the only thing he
will eat is Gerbers chicken baby food. He's got kidney failure and
problably doesn't have too much longer. He's been to the vet and
we've explored various possibilities, but there's nothing left to do,
since a kidney transplant is right out.

Anyway, what I need to know is how much baby food should he be
getting? How many calories should the avg. 6-yr-old male ferret be
taking in?

I checked the jar, and each one only has 80 calories. I try to sneak
in FerretVite, mixed carefully with the baby food so Slink doesn't
know it's there. If I put in too much, he won't eat.

So how much of the baby food should I be giving him? We're at about a
jar and a half a day now, fed in 3 evenly spaced increments.

Aileen & the Herd