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From: Chris and Tara Palaski
Date: 2001-06-29 10:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: FERRET WISE SHELTER- CLOSED temporarily!

Hello all,

> I applaud your full disclosure policy and the courage it takes to
> that. I know you have your hands full, but when you get a chance
> please post information on the ADV quicktest kit. Who makes it, who
> sells it, what's it cost... and where does one get it. What are the
> figures on false positives? False negatives? I think this is an
> instance where advertising a product is a necessary evil.

Great policy, I applaud it as well. I thought that I would post the
information on the Avecon Diagnostic contact information, since I
have it handy.


Contact Information:

Avecon Diagnostics, Incorporated
410 East Walnut Street
Perkasie, Pennsylvania 18944



e-mail: info@a...

The website doesn't have the information on the QuickCheck Instant
Test as of yet (at least as far as I could see :-), but you can call
Avecon and ask about it, Dr. Stephon is always open to talking about
ADV and Avecon's tests.

Just a small FYI, this test (the instant test) was used at the
Planned Ferrethood Show and Symposium in Pittsburgh, PA on June 16th
2001 with great success to test ferrets entering the show. Dr.
Stephon also presented information on testing for ADV through CIEP,
ELISA, etc. . . There is a video of this "talk" available. The
information for ordering this video is available on the ADV Yahoo
Group through Danee DeVore and all of the profits from the selling of
these tapes will be used for ADV research. I must warn that the
information is quite scientific, but everyone seemed to enjoy the

I hope this information helps out.

I agree that "pushing" products on this list is not the way to go,
but this product has already proven useful in protecting ferrets in
shelters from ADV+ ferrets. Like Alicia said, it's certainly not
always obvious and by using tests like this, hopefully shelters will
be able to be truthful and be able to stay open to help the ferrets
out there that need help. A closed shelter helps no one.

I know this is long, but I'd also like to say that I applaud those of
you who run ADV positive shelters, you do amazing work and we all
apprecaite it.

Chris Palaski
AFA Health Affairs Director
Director, Planned Ferrethood Shelter