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From: christine mathis
Date: 2001-06-29 13:24:00 UTC
Subject: ADV Tests

I have been testing all ferrets using quarantine procedures
on all incoming ferrets and have reached the over 300 mark at
this point. I have been in contact with Dr Stephons of Avecon
Diagnostics as I was sending in all tests because I was unsure
of what the accuracy would be by an at-home-test. I found out
from Dr Stephons, that they not only run the test you send in
on their equipment, but for the last 4 months have been
running the Point-of-Care Test at the same time with exactly
the same results. I can now use the at home POCT with
confidence. The cost to shelters is $12 up to 100 or $15 to
the general public. He does give price breaks after a 100
tests purchased in a lot. As much as we really don't want to
know if our fuzzies have ADV, it makes dealing with their
health issues much easier and gives you the peace of mind that
you aren't adding to the problem by taking a sick ferret out
in public.