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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-29 16:20:00 UTC
Subject: Fwd: Re: renal failure, or human failure?

>You say he's a 9 year old who arrived with ADV. When late stage ADV
>sets in it often is marked by renal problems.

I misunderstood, didn't I?

An elderly ferret is going to have certain organs diminish in health;
having had a dehydrating illness didn't help but kidneys do become
worse with age. There are a number of vet posts on this in the
files. Yes, a ferret deserves careful vet care at any age -- and it
is always possible that his health may not be as bad as you fear and
may respond to such care, but I also don't think that you should be
beating yourself up over a 9 year old starting to show his age.