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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-06-29 16:29:00 UTC
Subject: Quickcheck Test Kits and the war on ADV

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Chris and Tara Palaski"
<in2ferrets@a...> wrote:
> The website doesn't have the information on the QuickCheck Instant
> Test as of yet (at least as far as I could see :-), but you can
> Avecon and ask about it, Dr. Stephon is always open to talking

Thank you! I was just about to post my confusion because the saliva
test at the Avecon Diagnostics, Inc site isn't a quick test if you
have to mail back a specimen, and for the one advertised you do.

It seems to me that Dr Stephon, Avecon and the other labs who test
for ADV are our best hope in this war right now. Not only through
innovative products like the quick kit, but stop and ask yourself.
Who knows how many ADV positive ferrets there are this year? No one!
Not a soul is responsible for tracking the spread of ADV. The CDC
isn't interested because it doesn't cross to humans. The closest data
to that I can think of is.. who knows how many positive tests there
were?? Unfortunately this quick test is going to change that answer,
but right now.. Avecon and United and the people who provide the
testing are the closest thing to a missile tracking system that we
have for ADV. Even once the quickcheck is widely used, I know I would
want to send in a sample on my ferrets for confirmation, so Avecon
would still get a +1 for that ferret.

We are forunate that Dr Stephon is vocal and reachable and willing to
educate. I hope he will consider this an invitation to talk about the
quick test on the list. I don't see this as product endorsement, its
education and anyone who has a shelter or is going to a show needs to