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From: Donna Lee
Date: 2001-06-29 18:50:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Shelley thinks she's a Mom!

I have an understanding of estrus in ferrets and I
believe that with the symptoms that you have given,
that sounds to me like she is in estrus. If her vulva
is swollen, then yes, she is definitely in estrus. I
hope that this gives you some insight. When they boss
other unspayed females around and they seem like they
are 'taking control', they are in estrus and I would
see about getting them spayed because if you don't get
that done, they will die if they are in estrus for
more than 2 weeks. Best Wishes to you and your little
fuzzy!! Thanks, Chance

--- Mary Hart <mary.hart1@b...> wrote:
> Please can someone advise me?
> Shelley (F. unspayed 5 years) lost her friend Ozzie
> (F.unspayed.6 years) in
> April. Shelley had been with Ozzie ever since she
> was about 4 months old.
> After a month we got Candy from a rescue (F. spayed
> 'young adult') and they
> really bonded well without any problems.
> However for about the last 3 weeks Shelley has been
> constantly grooming
> Candy and 'bossing' her about in their cage and when
> they are out.
> In the cage Shelley tugs on Candy's ears to make her
> get in the bed and when
> they roam about Shelley bites hold of Candy on the
> neck or head and
> literally drags her to the hidey hole where they
> sleep some more.
> Should I separate them as Candy isn't happy at this
> ALL the time?
> Will Shelley get over it?
> What can I do please?
> I imagine from a post I read a day or two ago that
> Shelley is treating Candy
> as if she is her kit. Why would this be? She isn't
> in oestrus by the way.
> Many thanks.
> Mary

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