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From: Maggie's Farm
Date: 2001-06-30 03:58:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: The ADV poll

on 6/30/01 12:40 AM, Outlaw50@a... at Outlaw50@a... wrote:

> the only western cases I've heard
> were singular instances in WA and TX.

As for Texas, I hope you mean a singular shelter. But even so, that just
isn't true.

both San Antonio and Houston shelters have been hit. San Antonio got if from

I would not discount anything with this disease. San Antonio got hit long
before ADV became a regular topic on the ferret lists. It was just kept

As for myself, I haven't tested. But I have stopped taking my ferrets around
others. I used to talk them for walks and such, but even in this no ferret
zone, I won't do that anymore.

I have many many old ones. I will not be taking in anymore until all of
these are gone and that won't be for several years.

But then, I have been dealing with f.i.p. in my cats for several years. I
still have two cats who are carriers. The house was symptom free for several
years and I lost one last year to it, having been exposed over 5 years ago.

I truly feel for folks dealing with this. f.i.p. isn't easy to test for,
can't be cured and you just never know.