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Date: 2001-06-30 12:25:00 UTC
Subject: Bruiser/FHL Home Page

Bruiser (enstein) as he was called after surgery (now you may know why!)
is pictured on the FHL home page.(Before & after surgery) If anyone has
a ferret with a similar tumor and would like to talk,please e/mail me.I
think this tumor must be fairly rare as I posted & posted on many sites
and no one had seen this before,including three ferret Vets.The surgery
took close to 2 hours.I know most of us probably receive this in digest
form but going to the home page to "take a look" may be worth your case you come up against this.(they are graphic)
Bruiser is now doing GREAT,eating his Gerbers Chicken & Bob Churches
chicken gravy like a champ.We are weaning him off the pred. as it seemed
to do nothing for this form of cancer.We have also stopped the
laitryl.He now looks like a real ferret! His eye has regained some
feeling as he can close it 3/4's of the way while sleeping.We keep eye
salve in it at all times.
I want to thank Dr Darrel Kraft in Woodinville,Washington for the
WONDERFUL cyro/surgery that was done.(If this isn't a testament to his
surgery skills,nothing is!!)
Also Dr Williams for his patience with my many tears & phone calls &
e/mails.He is a true genius yet also so very kind and sweet.We will
NEVER be able to ever thank him enough for his years of help and
understanding.The best day of our ferrets lives was when my son found
him on the internet for us. Honest.
We don't know what remains in Bruisers future,we can only hope the cyro
stopped the growth.We do know one thing tho...he is in the best hands
available if this should reappear.We were having it debulked once per
month,(that's just how fast it grew!) so far so good!!
Don't be afraid to e/mail me with questions and once again,Thank you all
for your kind words and encouragement.(Troy Lynn & Sukie for your help
as well)
With Love,
Tara,Jerry & Bruiser (no longer -enstein)