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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-30 15:29:00 UTC
Subject: Weight loss in Ferrets

>I am looking for infomation on possible diseases that effect ferrets
>where the symptoms are weight loss (over 50% of total weight), loss
>of appetite, (even water), lack of energy. Weight loss has been over
>the last 2 months, all other symptoms have developed over the last
>few days. Xena is at the Vet's for the weekend while he tries to
>find out what is wrong with her. Any suggestions on where to look
>for these particular types of symptoms?

Those are quite general symptoms.

Testing (blood, perhaps x-rays, etc.) may help the vet find out what is wrong.

When x-rays are done do remember that most blockages never show up on
x-rays, and blockages can begin as partial ones that worsen. Is the
ferret passing any feces? Were the feces thin or very loose
beforehand? We even had one with a blockage that looked for the
world like there would be a liver based malignancy in all of the
testing beforehand (blood, ultrasound, etc.) so were relieved that it
turned out to be a large partial blockage irritating surround organs
and nodes. If it is a blockage that has become a full one then
corrective surgery is immediately called for.

What else happened beforehand?