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Date: 2001-06-30 15:20:50 UTC
Subject: California Petition Tally-- We Need More! Deadline Extended!

A plea from putorius:

I am sending this to all of you friends and family in the hope that we can
all make a difference in getting the governor of California to sign the
ferret amnesty bill (SB1093) when it makes it to his desk in Aug. Time is
short..but we can still do it...

Petition signers DO NOT have to be registered voters in Calif....I encourage
you get youngsters to sign as well. You DO have to be a resident however.

If you live in California, please download the petition from or contact ferretnews@a... for snail or fax copies to
you. Also, and most importantly...pass this along to folks who you know to
be animal lovers...those that believe in humane care for pets everywhere.
The current bill provides for that...

If you do not live in California, please forward this message to anyone you
know who lives folks on the FML, FHL, FOB etc. I know that
Jeanne has asked, but as a fellow fuzzy lover deeply committed to seeing the
"righted" here, I believe that everyone has to get involved on some
level...even if it is a mail list forward. Thanks...

I ask each of you to collect a minimum of 40 signatures (100 would be
great)...that is just 2 pages worth (and I know that each of you knows at
least 40 other people). A local pet store here gathers 2 pages almost every
day...and so far 2 of us have gotten over 1400 sigs...all for about 3 days
worth of work on our part. This is a GRASSROOTS movement and it must spread
far and wide within our borders. Please do this for Olde Scott, CP and the

Thanks SOOOOOO much...I know that you won't let me down...


From: Ferretnews@a...
Full-name: Ferretnews
To: Ferretnews@a...

Hello everyone,

We just did a count on the signatures we have and the tally stands currently
at approximately 10,000. I've been disappointed with the numbers of people
sending them in so far. Less than 50 different people so far have sent in
petitions, and I know there are more of you out there that care about this
issue!!!! (I am including 1,400 that two hard working people have collected
in northern California but have not yet mailed).

Think of it this way, we need just 500 of you to take the time to collect 100
signatures each to reach our goal of 50,000 signatures. I know you are all
busy, but these signatures will be the key to our bill's success or failure.
How would you feel if you don't collect those signatures only to find that,
after 8 long years, our bill finally gets to the Governor and he vetoes it!

Come on folks, just 100 signatures is all we ask. That's 5 pages per person.
Some of our 50 people have sent in hundreds in separate mailings. Clearly
there are some very dedicated people out there working hard for this. Don't
let them, me and yourselves down by not doing your part! Go to our website at and download Adobe Acrobat if you don't have the program.
You can then download our petition and print as many copies as you like. If
you have trouble downloading the petition from our site, e-mail me at
ferretnews@a... and let me know where to mail you a copy of the petition.


The legislative year is very fluid and when a bill gets to the Governor's
desk is very hard to pin down. When we designed these petitions and set the
August 1st deadline, it was early in the legislative year and the date was
considered the latest, but safest date to set. There was no point in risking
a date that might be too late because once the Governor acts, delivering him
a bunch of petitions would be like shutting the barn doors after the horses
have left.

It looks like budget disagreements might delay the Legislature's summer
recess and the progress of our bill. So, after consulting our author's
office, we are extending the deadline on the petitions at this point to
August 15th. New PDF petitions with the August 15th deadline are on the
website currently. I still strongly recommend that you send me what you have
on or before August 1st in case our bill does clear the legislature by then.
That way, we'll have in hand most of the petitions and can add them as they
come in. For folks like Suni and Scott that have a large number of petitions
(1,400, terrific work!!), it's a good idea to send those via Fed Ex or UPS or
something safe and trackable. I also recommend sending what you have now
rather than everything in one mailing-- just an idea.


This e-mail was sent the other day and I think it's a great idea. I hope it
inspires you to get out there with those clip boards!!

Dear Ms. Carley,

I have a great "tactic" for getting signatures, and it takes very little
effort. I put some petition sheets and a poster on a clipboard, and I take it
with me wherever I have to run errands - the grocery store, post office, car
wash, deli, Oil Changers, Starbucks, Macy's, you name it. It's always with me
and I've collected over 3 sheets in just one week - more than halfway to my
goal of 100 signatures! It only takes a moment to ask someone, and most
people are willing to sign when you tell them it has to do with pets.

So, if you truly can't spare a day to sit in front of a pet store and collect
signatures, you don't have to
- just have your petition with you at all times and don't be shy! Let's all
pitch in - 100 signatures per
person is not a lot to ask. Just think of how great life will be if this bill

A ferret friend

Jeanne Carley
Californians for Ferret Legalization
410 Mountain Home Rd.
Woodside, CA 94062
(650) 851-3750