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From: Linda
Date: 2001-03-01 22:12:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Behavior question

My Lucky boy does something like this. I have a small tupperware container
full of toys and he will go in there and stash all of the stuffed animals
and either stick them under the bed or under the dresser. The funniest part
is watching him try and drag the large ones under the dresser when they
can't fit. He will go into the box as soon as he gets out to see if there
are any new toys in there. He always puts the same toys in the same place.
Like this very large neon green frog (his favorite) he always tries to drag
that under the dresser but it doesn't fit so he tries for like a good 30
minutes before he just drags it under the bed. Then he goes for the dryer
hose. That is a big hit.

Linda and the furry ones
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