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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-07-01 11:34:00 UTC
Subject: ADV how much should a test cost? 12.00 - 15.00

Someone posted on another list that her vet wanted her to test for
ADV, but the test is 110.00

That is ridiculous! No, it's criminal is what it is.

The ADV test from Avecon diagnostis is 12.00 per ferret, 10.00 each
in batches of 10.00.

I suggest you do it like a tupperware party. Call 9 friends, get 10
red topped vacutainer tubes from your vet and ask that they put 1cc
of saline in each tube. Get 10 qtip swabs. None of this has to be
sterile. You swab the qtip in the ferrets mouth, swirl the swab in
the saline for about 1 minute, cap the tube and label it. I suggest
the owner scruff the ferret and the person swabbing the ferrets never
actually touch them, their saliva, the saline or anything but the dry
tip of the swab.. and wash your hands between ferrets. If you are
really starting to get an idea of how bad this is.. everyone swabs
their own ferret at home.. bathes and changes clothes and meets
somewhere to put the 10 tubes and order form into a mailer.

Mailing instructions are at

just click on TO ORDER on the right...

The quick test "Point of Contact Test" seems to be running 15.00
each. The advantage is that nothing gets mailed back. You do the test
at home get the result at home. There is no info at the website but
there is an 800 number and I am sure Avecon would be happy to give
you the details.

ADV - Who haven't you told?
(the person you don't tell, could own the ferret that infects yours)