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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-06-30 10:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Weight loss in Ferrets

How old is the ferret? Any other problems? Any diarrhea or
other problem before the symptoms started or after?
In an older ferret check for insulinoma- just a blood glucose
at the vet office. Lymphomas can make the ferret less
active and a vet may feel big spleen, enlarged lymph nodes.
Older ferret may have kidney problems, and as it worsens so do the
symptoms. ECE starts as diarrhea but after that improves about
2 weeks later the weight loss starts and decrease appetite for about
6 weeks there is a wasting period.
Any pawing at the mouth, gagging and such? Black stools? may indicate
nausea and
pain- perhaps an ulcer that could have been the main problem
or developed from stress and the initial illness.
It can be so many things, so the best start is at the vets where she
is and from there it will depend on the exam, blood tests, urine if
needed, and
x-ray if needed. The ferret needs SubQ fluids for now to
correct and maintain dehydration until is drinking on her own..
Once you have that information and your vet is still stumped post
again with the lab results.


On Sat, 30 Jun 2001 06:34:17 -0000 ferretmomaz@y... writes:
> I am looking for infomation on possible diseases that effect ferrets
> where the symptoms are weight loss (over 50% of total weight), loss
> of appetite, (even water), lack of energy. Weight loss has been
> over
> the last 2 months, all other symptoms have developed over the last
> few days. Xena is at the Vet's for the weekend while he tries to
> find out what is wrong with her. Any suggestions on where to look
> for these particular types of symptoms?
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