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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-07-01 19:01:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] stone in bladder??


You wrote:

> I have a question about "Bandit" again, I took him to the vet and had him run
> the TP because I was suspicious of his adrenal disease coming back. (Bandit
> had left adrenal surgically removed and right was frozen with cryosurgery a
> year in 1/2 ago.) Bandit could be showing clinical signs of adrenal
> glands-hair loss on the tail and rear paws, lethargic but appetite Good!
> What had me most worried was that I thought he might be straining to urinate
> cause while he was going the bathroom he seemed to tighten and release these
> muscles a lot. Also his pee pee was always red looking which I know can be a
> sign too.
Certainly could, though you were right to have other tests done

> The hairloss I really believed to be a seasonal shed cause his coat is soft
> and shiny and a new color. The straining I don't know if it's happening when
> he's just urinating or when he's moving his bowels and urinating at the same
> time.
> Anyway Bandit had a urinalysis done from a urine sample and it was negative.
> Just recently I took him for an xray of the bladder and prostate-the vet took
> three different pictures cause Bandit kept moving. He saw a white spot in
> his bladder which he tried to get another picture of to confirm this but was
> unable. The vet seems to think he has a stone in his bladder and it's
> causing an infection. He's treating Bandit with Clavimox . 35 (2x) day for
> 10 days. I am also waiting for the TP panel to come back to see if he has
> the adrenal disease back. I should just mention Bandit has never needed the
> hormone injections so he has to have adrenal tissue or cells left behind.
I'd have an xray done under isoflorane - takes much less time and
stress, and you get a usable picture.

> Dr. Williams can you comment on the treatment prescribed by my vet and what
> tests do you perform when diagnosing bladder stone?
A good xray is very helpful, ultrasound can be useful too if there
is any question.

> If it is a stone, what do I do to get rid of it other then operating?
> how serious can this be?
Stones should be surgically removed. If the stone gets stuck in
the urethra, Bandit could die. This is not common, but I wouldn't
risk it.

> Also I had the vet run an in house blood glucose and the result was 78 is
> that OK?
Depends on the machine, but I consider 60-80 borderline, myself.

> Bandit's only been on the antibiotic two days and already is energy level
> seems to have increased-could that really be related to the meds so soon?
Sure could.

Acting as the stunt-Dr.Williams,
-Dr. Karen

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