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Date: 2001-03-01 22:33:00 UTC
Subject: Theories on causes and prevention ?

I have been curious lately what theories are the most popular for
explaining adrenal tumors and insulinoma in ferrets. I want to do
everything I can to prevent all of the "popular" ferret maladies if I
get anymore ferrets in the future. (Indeed, it's the fear of the
diseases that keeps me from rushing out to get more ferrets now. I've
just had too much trauma and heartbreak.)

The theories for adrenal disease that I know of:
1) neutering too early
2) lack of exposure to natural sunlight and/or
lack of adherence to natural photoperiods (electric light at night?)
3) Poor genetics
4) Poor diet (poor quality kibble, no meat)

So, my questions is: Do we have any "proof" yet of certain things
that are working or not working to prevent adrenal tumors and/or
insulinoma from ever forming?? What is the current thinking of
herbal treatments and/or homeopathy in addition to traditional meds?
(How well does Timmy's Recipe really work? Shark cartilage? Essiac
tonic? Greens Plus? ) I've also had ferrets with cardiomyopathy (does
CoQ10 prevent heart disease??).

Just wondering what the prevailing medical opinions are these days.

-Andrea Miralia
Missing Amos, Benny, Snoop, Bean, Hopi, Joon, Whitman, Frito, and Kadi