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From: Amy Seyler
Date: 2001-07-01 19:36:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret only eating Meow Mix :P

I would like to get an opinion on those knowledgeable with
nutrition (Bob C, Tom Willard, vets, etc.).

Here's the skinny: my ferret Max has been on duck soup for
probably about the last 4-5 months, and he's been subsisting
on nothing but that. This was due to a bad tooth and major
gingivitis which was taken care of about 2 months ago. But Max
absolutely REFUSED to go back on a kibble diet -- and at 7,
it's hard to argue with him. However, he has absolutely
nothing wrong with him (knock on wood!) so I was looking about
feeding him duck soup 2x/day for the next 1, 2 or even 3
years, which can't be too good on his teeth (or anything

Anyway, I got a number of suggestions from both this list and
the FML, and have tried them all but to no avail. Then I had
an epiphany of sorts -- one of my long-dead rescues, Elektra,
was eating Meow Mix when she came to me, and even after I got
her on a good diet she still considered Meow Mix a great

Well, wouldn't you know, I bought it this weekend in
desperation, and Max has been chowing ever since. Probably
eats every two hours. But the food is CRAP!

Here's the question: How long can Max be on this food before
it does harm? I plan on gradually sneaking in the good stuff
but he's been so picky and so hyper-alert to good food that it
may take a while. Is it okay to have him eat this for a few
months (he still gets duck soup as a supplement, but half of
what he used to)?

Any responses would be appreciated!

Amy, Dave, Sarah & Paul
(and their gaggle of giggling ferrets)
RIP Ian, Elektra, Claudia & Sidney