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Date: 2001-07-01 23:44:00 UTC
Subject: Epileptic ferret

I have a question concerning one of my ferrets. About four years ago,
my female ferret was diagnosed with epilepsy. She suddenly started
having seizures, was rushed to the vet, and was tested for everything
that could possibily be causing them. Several vets saw her, and all
decided epilepsy was the only diagnosis they could give. The seizure
activity was brought under control with phenobarbitol, and she has
been on this drug since. Other than having to take her medicine every
morning, she is a healthy, active, and normal ferret. I have been
unable to find any information on this subject, other than epilepsy
in ferrets is very rare. Is it possible that she could have been mis-
diagnosed? Is her life expectancy shortened by daily phenobarbitol
use? Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.