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From: kat parsons
Date: 2001-07-02 08:39:00 UTC
Subject: RE: The ADV poll...ADV not in CA

>>swamp <swamp@h...>...
Neither of these states is within 1000 miles of So. Cal., so there's a
large buffer of forest and desert still in play. Also, despite the
protests, our illegal status does have some advantages. Unless MF is hit,
I figure we've got at least another 2 years before California ferrets are
threatened by AD.

A CA perspective,


i beg to differ MAY be a little more protected..but this
attitude is what is going to ALLOW ADV into calif...

there are shelters in and around CA that get ferrets from all
over...people move...they can't keep their ferrets when they get
without knowing if they have ADV or not they get dumped at a
shelter...they go to CA..yes..i know shelters don't adopt to CAn's..but
there are ways around that i am sure...

people move to calif with their ferrets, too...MANY ways non MF ferrets
get to CA...or MF that were exposed sometime else in their lives..then
gone to CA...

please!!...this is the thinking we need to nip in the bud...if we are to
slow down / halt the spread of this...we ALL have to open our eyes!!!..and
take precautions!!!

California is not state is...period!

please...see how thinking like this is just burying your head in the sand
till it is too late...:(


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