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From: Ferretwise
Date: 2001-07-02 10:31:00 UTC
Subject: re: weaning off the crap food

okay let the ferret eat the crap-- you need to SLOWLY wean him over so that
it does not cause abdominal problems- cramping, nausea, diarrhea all from
change in diet..... his gut is used to crap so... to do it
get a covered tightly covered container - bowl or plastic tub.. put 3/4
crap food in to start-- add 1/4 better food shake & mix thoroughly, then
let is sit for 48-72 hours. Then start feeding the mix out of the
bowl. The smells of the food will mingle making it harder for the ferret
to pick the better from the bad... as the ferret eats the good food you
slowly add more good into the mix bucket or bowel. BE AWARE this will most
likely take 1-2 months to accomplish-- if you push too hard your ferret
will stop eating the good food again!

In the end you and the ferret will feel good about the conversion!


Ferret Wise