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Date: 2001-07-02 07:31:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Digest Number 263

In a message dated 7/1/01 3:54:36 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> As for Texas, I hope you mean a singular shelter. But even so, that just
isn't true.
both San Antonio and Houston shelters have been hit. San Antonio got if from
I would not discount anything with this disease. San Antonio got hit long
before ADV became a regular topic on the ferret lists. It was just kept

ADV is a horrible disease. It is however, not new. It has been in the US for
over 45 years that we know of. The only thing worse than the effects of ADV
is lying about it.
I take offense to your post because it states that "San Antonio got it from
overseas and they just kept quiet."

The truth is;
1. San Antonio (SAFE) contracted the disease by taking in 4 Alabama chronic
who would have been otherwise euthanized (We paid half the shipping
costs.) No
one knew of or suspected these ferrets were sick with ADV or any other
Alabama is in the Southeast United States, not overseas. These four
ferrets who
brought this horrible disease to our shelter are all still alive. We are
"no kill!"
2. As soon as the SAFE ferrets started displaying the unfamiliar signs of
this "new"
illness, our veterinarian Dr. L. V. Gates DVM, contacted Dr. Bruce
Williams and
the "modern day" research actually started at that point. Dr. Bloom, a
noted ADV
researcher was brought into the research picture because of his expertise.
Others have joined that research effort to bring us to where we are
SAFE did not, "just kept quite" as you stated; We have been at the breech
of the
battle since day one, and SAFE alerted the ferret community of this
disease and
started the effort to locate the initial source. Every ferret that has
to ADV, care has been given to document the progression and effects of the
disease. Each is necropsied and blood/tissue samples are collected and
SAFE has not been a vocal ADV entity because the number of shelter ferrets
cared for here doesn't allow that extra time.

SAFE is not about notoriety, we are about pet ferrets! Our sheltered ferrets
have the
best that is to be had. We have a terrific Veterinary staff at UCAH (our
shelter vets)
many who owned by ferrets. We have a wonderful group of foster Moms and Dads
that take in our new arrivals. We don't ask for anything from anyone outside
group. We are only ferret shelter in south Texas. We receive lost, abandoned
surrendered ferrets from every City, County and private shelter from an area
than the entire Mid-Atlantic states. Ferrets are the game, SAFE love is the

I hope that Dr. Williams won't mind my quoting him in regard to a comment he
made about SAFE while giving a lecture on ferret med/surg to the Bexar County
Veterinarians Association here in SA a few years ago that SAFE cosponsored.
The best compliment SAFE has ever received is, "While other groups are
about it, SAFE is doing it!" SAFE will always stay true to that goal, and
bless you
Dr. Williams for all you do for our fuzzies.

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Rick White, Director, SAFE
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