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Date: 2001-07-02 14:31:00 UTC
Subject: Weight loss in ferret is increasing

To all that have answered, thank you, but we are still at a quadry as
to what is ailing my ferret. I have brought her home for force
feeding and a peace and quiet enviroment. She is so weak that she
can hardly move around. The vet says that he hasn't taken any blood
samples as she is too weak to remove blood. With him force feeding
her, she is having bowel movements, but they are bloody and
green/black. Xray's are inconclusive for foreign objects in the
stomach and intestines. Nothing is showing at the present time, but
exploritory surgery is out of the question due to her 7 oz. weight.
She is running NO fever, and still refuses to drink water. The vet
gave her a barium (sp?)and all fluids are going through.

There wasn't anything he could do for her that I couldn't do at
home, so I thought the quiet of her house was better than the noisy
(cat/dog barking)kennel area at the vet's. He agreed but that I am
to take her back again tomorrow when her little brother gets his
yearly distemper shot. Any information will help, as even the vet is
stumped and said to furnish him with any information that may be of
help (dated 1995 or later).