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From: Maggie
Date: 2001-07-02 15:54:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] ADV in San Antonio

on 7/2/01 14:39, Bruce Williams, DVM at williams@e... wrote:

> I'll have to take a differing viewpoint on this particular
> statement. While it is true that San Antonio was the first major
> outbreak, SAFE never kept it quiet. There is a large difference
> between covering an outbreak and yelling fire in a crowded theater.

Perhaps I phrased it wrong. I meant quiet until things were worked out for
sure what was going on, and then, it was not a major topic of discussion on
the ferret lists like it is now.

I do not mean in any way or fashion that they attempted to hide the problem.
I know better than that, as I heard about it from the start. I have had
admiration for SAFE since working with them when I lived in Houston.

I really only meant that it is quiet from the aspect of not a lot of folks
realizing what is going on in Texas.

I hope Rick reaizes this, as I have never had a bad word with him in the 5
years I have sporadically talked with him.

I do have to wonder if some of the comments made towards me are a result of
the aformentioned offhand remarks and unsubstantiated comments.

And my final point still remains, it is obvious that folks do not realize
the extent of this problem and are ignoring it because of that.

I did not point out where the ferrets came from in the Texas cases, even
though I know. I did not even mention any shelters in my comment at all,
even though there are more than one affected. I know of shelters in Houston
affected also and how they have shut down too. I was trying to *not* bring
anyone's name into anything.

I am very sorry. I thought perhaps I could still participate in things, but
the damage is too great.