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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-07-02 18:43:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Digest Number 263

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., Maggie <maggiesfarm@m...> wrote:
> Again, I am sorry about getting it wrong. I was told by Houston
> I was trying to make the point that there is obviously a lot of
> misinformation out there. While I was obviously misinformed, I have
to say that calling me a liar implies that I did it to hurt someone.


I can find no where in the FHL that anyone called you a liar. Nor
would I expect any moderator to let such strong words onto the list.
Misinformed, sadly mistaken but not liar.

Since an hour before you posted this to the list I wrote you
privately and said,

, no one called you a liar. What Rick said was,
"ADV is a horrible disease. It is however, not new. It has
been in the US for over 45 years that we know of. The only thing worse
than the effects of ADV is lying about it. I take offense to your post
because it states that "San Antonio got it from overseas and they
just kept quiet."

My interpretation is...
The only thing worse than actually having ADV would be if San Antonio
had lied about it, and I am offended by your post that states San Antonio got it from overseas and just kept quiet.

Obviously you want to take offense and believe someone called you a

> I am truly saddened that folks like Bruce Williams and Rick White
cannot give me the benefit of the doubt in my choice of words. I have
had nothing but admiration for either of them.


I think they were both rather polite in their corrections of
your misinformation. You would prefer they didn't correct
misinformation on the list? What then is the purpose of the list?

Maggie, it is starting to look very much as if you want to feel
persecuted and are willing to go to great lengths to blow this out of
proportion. You wrote what you believed to be true, two professionals
directly involved, politely corrected your misinformation, you
apologized. Let it go. Two posts later about how persecuted you are it's time to call a cease fire. You were wrong, they corrected you without attacking you, end of subject. You can believe if I had done what SAFE has
from ground zero and someone publicly implied we kept it quiet, my
correction of the facts would not have been as mature or forgiving.
If you personally have anything further to say on this topic address
it to my private email.

ADV - Spread the word, not the virus.. test and tell!