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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-03 00:58:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ECE question

My vet is confident that our ferrets have contracted ECE as
became ill shortly after a new kit was introduced. Three of
the four
are recovering nicely, but the fourth one is getting me
worried. We
keep him hydrated by giving him Sub-q fluids and he actually
quite a bit on his own but he is refusing food in any shape,
way or
form. He is on Amoxi, Kaopectate and since yesterday
injections of
Raglan and Pepcid. We're pretty sure he has ulcers, he
grinds his
teeth frequently and is very uncooperative when it comes to
swallowing anything. He has nausea and is always pawing at
his mouth
after we give him any meds by mouth.
He hasn't eaten in three question is: what else
can I/my
vet do? How long can this go on? If I force feed him by
syringe he
vomits everything up within minutes.

Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.

All my best.

Maria and Junior

PS: just some background Junior is 4 years old, had
adrenal surgery and is on pred and florinef.

Maria, has Carafate been tried?

Have you tried feeding warmed a/d from a finger? Syringe
feeding can lead to aspiration which can cuase coughing that
causes vomiting and can cause lung illness. Try singing to
Junior (NOT joking) while feeding warmed a/d or baby food from
a finger. We also have some little bottles with cut off tips
that several of our's LOVE to eat from. The absolute best
control I have found has been with a clown faced accordian
topped dropper called something like Mr. Clown Spoon Dropper.
They need a chance to breathe, and timing for that can be
hard; with syringes it is nearly impossible. Really do try
finger feeding a high calorie food like a/d by finger while
singing with the ferret's name in the song, try jealousy to
make him think that another will steal his food, warm the food
to around body temp. to increase the smell of it, etc. If
worse comes to worst why not have him on IV for a few days to
stabilize if vet thinks it makes sense at this point?