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Date: 2001-07-02 21:59:00 UTC
Subject: ADV in my ferrets?

I was recently scrolling through the list, and I was reading Rick
say that
the shelter had bought the ferrets from Alabama. Well, to make this
a little
personal. I moved from Alabama to California recently. I am not
saying that
I have a ferret who has it, but I am really worried about it. I
want to "nip
it in the bud" like Kat says. I have posted a couple of posts about
ferrets losing some weight after the move and what to do about my
addicted to Pepsi, and also about my baby boy getting into Taco
Bell's mild
sauce on my desk. But this one is what I am worried about.
Personally, to
be honest I have no clue what ADV is. What can I do to get it
detected and
all of that stuff, I would love to know? I was wanting to ask
something else
in this post, My male ferret has recently been biting one of my
females a
little too hard. Though, the problem that I have with that is that
he has
NEVER done this before, and he doesn't attack our younger ferret.
So what
could be the problem with the other. Before the younger ferret
came, Kujo &
Kodi slept together, walked together and played together. So I was
if maybe he could be sick, or is it just a behavioral problem that
he has?
Thanks for any advice you can give.

Margie Joseph Kodi Kujo & Klaire

Note: Moreferrets, I recently sent you an email apologizing about my
to your advice. I am VERY new at this whole ferret scene and I was
defensive. I want to apologize.. I just want advice though. I am
Regretfully outspoken.