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From: colleen burke
Date: 2001-07-03 05:07:00 UTC
Subject: Bruce Williams Please. ???Adrenal???

Hello to all the ferret loved and to those who love ferrets.

Bruce William's, could I please have your advise? I have a female ferret
with abdominal extension, symmetrical hair thinning over her tail and
rump with more hair loss at the base of the tail up into the rump, she
eats very well and will chase me for Bob C gravy or raisins and has
become rather aggressive to the other ferrets. She also feels very warm
to the touch thow her temp is ok. So am wondering if she just feels
warmer because of the hair thinning. My Vet has biopsied the growths he
could feel in her belly and the results have come back as fatty growths
(Lipoma) Benign growths of fat. But with the other symptoms he suspects
adrenal. I know it is hard to tell not seeing the ferret, but can you
shed any light on the subject please before we feel the need to go in
for a looksee.

Thank you so much for your time,
Colleen Burke.