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From: katharine
Date: 2001-07-03 05:25:00 UTC
Subject: re: weaning off the crap food

I used the same process that Alicia describes.
Cedes came to me 5-6 y.o. and had eaten Friskies
(Ocean Flavor, mind you) his whole life. It took
me nearly four months to wean him over to the
"good" stuff. Along with mixing the foods, we had
a little nightly ritual where I would soak the
food in warm water and serve it to him warm and
mushy. He loved it! He still gets Friskes as a

I did decide that, if it was too stressful for
him, he could just eat Friskies. At his age, and
with no health problems (he had never been to a
vet before I got him), I figured he could eat what
he wanted. But, he eventually came through. I
will mention also that he had the softest coat of
any of my ferrets, maybe the fish oils???