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From: Chris
Date: 2001-07-03 06:42:00 UTC
Subject: Hi there! Glad to have found this place! :)

Hi there,
I just wanted to say how I'm glad to have found this place, great
informations and with such nice + caring folks!
I'm Chris and I have 2 wonderful ferrets (aren't they all
wonderful!), my cute boy Logan (Sable) and crazy little little girl
Leeloo (albino--and really tiny!), both little over 1 year of age.
I love all kinds of animals and wanted to have a ferret for years,
since back when I lived in California where used to be forbidden
(hopefully it isn't anymore). Now I'm living in Germany and I find
it wonderful that ferrets are so common here! But so far the only
difference between the German ferrets and American ones (from all I
been reading--GOTTA read up! If I wanna give the best of care for my
fur-kids!) is that either of mine like raisins at all (??!), but just
kidding (just that I heard so many people here saying how their
ferrets love it!).
Well, looking forward to reading up on you guys and gettin' to know
you and your cuties a bit better! (hopefully not only on sick times--
how I worry mine'll get sick! So horrible how many diseases these
little cuties can get!)
Take care you all and really wishing all the sick ferrets out here to
get better somehow and fast!

Oh and by the way, since reading on natural-diet I'm dropping most of
the pet-store food and feeding my fur-kids mostly almostl-completely-
raw meat... I was wondering if anyone here who feeds their ferrets
this natural-diet does actually notice their ferrets growing up
healthier or catching less diseases?!!!!
I would really appreciate the info!
Chris (+ Logan & Leeloo)