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Date: 2001-07-03 08:43:00 UTC
Subject: Re: diazoxide and proglycem-same thing?

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From: "Norka"

In the U.S. there is Petscripts Pharmacy, located in Falmouth,
This was passed along to me from a friend up in Maine, (excerpt
email posted below my name.) I felt it important to pass along to
as a possible place to look into for the prescription as well. The

phone number is listed there, they may also have a web site where
this question was also answered over e-mail, but do check it out.
Note it is an approximate cost, still a far cry less than the
amount I have been seeing out there. Hope this helps!

Norka C.

Thank you for your interest in Petscripts Pharmacy.
Yes, we do make diazoxide in suspension for ferrets. We have
that marshmallow or banana cream tend to work well. The smallest
amount the would be reasonable to make would be 15 ml (12oz). The

approximate cost would be $51.00
Hope that help.

I used this pharmacy for Petey's meds. I faxed a copy of the
and gave them the original when my husband picked up the meds. It
was fast
and easy and I was able to buy the medication in a smaller amount.
human pharmacy would only sell it in a full bottle as it was
packaged by the