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From: Ellen Anderson
Date: 2001-07-03 16:45:00 UTC
Subject: Diazoxide and thank you

I want to thank everyone who emailed me with
suggestions on how I could get Diazoxide for Stinky.
The vet got it in for me from Toronto and it wasn't as
expensive as I thought it would be, $71.00 for 120ml,
4mg/4ml, strawberry flavored. We have decided not to
go ahead with it yet. I had written to the list a few
times for help when I didn't think I was getting the
correct advice from my vet (fasting an insulonomatic
ferret for 12 hours and thinking .25ml of Pediapred
was as high a dose as we could give). Well I ended
up taking Stinky to another vet who specialized in
exotics for a second opinion. She did an examination
and said said she didn't see why he wouldn't live for
years and that he's in really good shape other than
the low blood sugar. Of course he peed and dumped all
of her garbage out on her floor. They are so cute! I
gave her the information on the bottle of Pediapred
I'd been using and she said that was a low dose and I
could go up quite a bit before putting him on the
Diazoxide. The only thing she seemed concerned about
was that he doesn't wake up to eat. She suggested
letting him go a little longer between feedings, but
that doesn't seen to work. Any suggestions? I had
told my first vet I was getting the second opinion and
it opened up the lines of communication for us and I
think things will work out fine now. She had me ask
the other vet to call her and that maybe she could
learn some more. She really is a very good and caring
vet. Anyway we've put Stinky on .5ml twice a day and
in only 2 days it's made quite a difference. He's a
lot more active. Now I have to try to get him weaned
of his soup. I've been adding cooked chicken (fat and
all) ground up to it and he loves it. Is there any
reason I shouldn't be doing this? He's gone from 1
3/4 to 2 1/4lbs since all this started in May. Anyway
with all the info here in the last few days on getting
the little guys off soup maybe I'll have some luck.
Sorry if this seems a little jumbled I just wanted to
say thank you to everyone and say this site has helped
me so much. Ellen

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