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From: Kristine
Date: 2001-03-02 00:37:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Theories on causes and prevention ?

Well, I haven't seen anything proving any of the adrenal theories as
of yet. But I can toss in an other theory. A lot of talk has been
going on about it being virus triggered.

Insulinoma I think it's widely believed to be diet related. A diet
high in carbohydrates and sugar being the biggest cause. I think Dr.
Williams has discussed this one in depth before.


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., miralia@j... wrote:
> I have been curious lately what theories are the most popular for
> explaining adrenal tumors and insulinoma in ferrets. I want to do
> everything I can to prevent all of the "popular" ferret maladies if
> get anymore ferrets in the future. (Indeed, it's the fear of the
> diseases that keeps me from rushing out to get more ferrets now.
> just had too much trauma and heartbreak.)
> The theories for adrenal disease that I know of:
> 1) neutering too early
> 2) lack of exposure to natural sunlight and/or
> lack of adherence to natural photoperiods (electric light at
> 3) Poor genetics
> 4) Poor diet (poor quality kibble, no meat)
> So, my questions is: Do we have any "proof" yet of certain things
> that are working or not working to prevent adrenal tumors and/or
> insulinoma from ever forming?? What is the current thinking of
> herbal treatments and/or homeopathy in addition to traditional meds?

> (How well does Timmy's Recipe really work? Shark cartilage? Essiac
> tonic? Greens Plus? ) I've also had ferrets with cardiomyopathy
> CoQ10 prevent heart disease??).
> Just wondering what the prevailing medical opinions are these days.
> -Andrea Miralia
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