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From: Linda Farrar
Date: 2001-07-03 21:36:00 UTC
Subject: Ruka

Hi everyone,
I have a question to any of the Doctors on this list, or anyone who might
have some information for me.
I have a little girl that was very abused, rescued and I have had her for
four years this month. A few months ago she had alot of problems with her
anal glands, finally removing both of them. She is now on lupron shorts for
left adrenal. I had her in for her shot and the Dr. found a lump in the
lower part of her body. we did an ultra sound, and she has an enlarged
spleen and at the end of it a large tuner.
Her Dr. does not want to operate becuse of her age, we know she is older
than four, probably six or seven.
Is there anything that can be done for her? The tumer is growing very fast!
I thought it might be from all of the infections she had with her anal
glands, but the Dr. doesn't think it is. Please help.
Thank you
Linda and Ruka