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From: Karen Kerns
Date: 2001-07-03 19:25:00 UTC
Subject: adv testing

I just want to thank everyone for all the info they have
shared this week. Not only have I read everything, I have
forwarded many letters and comments on to ferret owners I
know who are not on this list. I have already spoken to my
vet this morning and she is going to assist me in testing
all three of my babies as soon as I order the tests and
they arrive. (I plan on ordering them this weekend.)
Isis, Plunkett, and Macleane are three of the most important
things in my life, and I cqannot imagine my world without
them. I had never heard of ADV until this week and am
grateful to be a aprt of a board that is so focused on
helping ferret owners. My critters' health is of utmost
importance to me and thanks to all of your help, I now know
of an important step I need to take to keep them safe and
happy and healthy.

So I just wanted to thank everyone who has posted, and
especcially those who emailed me personally. Thank you.
(My furry threesome thanks you as well.)