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From: Jim & Laura Ferris
Date: 2001-03-02 04:05:00 UTC
Subject: Hair balls

We signed up last night for the Heallth-list and the
information about hair balls in ferrets on the Yahoo site was
probably the answer we've been looking for! Last spring Panda
had his spleen removed. Just prior to that I noticed that
sometimes his stomach would make weird growly noises after he
ate. This continued after surgery and I thought it was somehow
related to the spleen surgery. Whenever he would eat solid
food he would vomit, but when I soaked and ground up his food,
he tolerated it much better--even though it's usual that he
still will vomit up a bit of what he's eaten. So he's been on
the 'mush' diet since spring. Then two nights ago he woke me
up by coughing a few times like our cat coughs just before he
gets rid of a hair ball. Then yesterday I read about hair
balls in ferrets and it all seems to fit. I'm calling the vet
today, but doesn't it look obvious??