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From: dgutierrez
Date: 2001-07-03 23:42:00 UTC
Subject: Help - Possible Prolasped Rectum

Rescue male ferret was returned 3 weeks later because new owners unable to
stop diareah. Unsure at this point if ferret had contracted ECE, but
possibly due to teeth grinding and what she had described of his diareah.
I have treated many of our rescue ferrets for ECE, however, when he tried
to poop, he did have watery brown stools and was wimpering. When I looked
at his rectum it was swollen and a little bloody. Almost looked like a
dime size balloon. You can tell this is very painful for him. I have
never encountered this before.

Could this be a prolasped rectum caused by having diareah so long? If so,
what do I do? I read in one of the archives that you could use a
combination of Preparation H and 0.5% Hydrocortison Cream. Is this