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From: Russell Prater
Date: 2001-07-04 00:36:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] for vets: flea treatment for

Rhea Fulmer wrote:
> Can someone please tell me if there is a chemical that
> is safe to spray our carpet with to kill fleas? I
> read the article by Dr. Williams about the bombs, but
> would prefer something that would get directly on the
> carpet.

If you use Advantage every month, you wont need to kill the fleas in
your house. Advantage kills fleas on ferrets very quickly. When the
ferret walks around the house, the fleas in the carpets, etc, jump onto
the ferrets. Bingo! More dead fleas. Since you probably have flea eggs
and flea larvae in the house, it will take a while to kill them all that
way, but it will get it done.

Russ, Booger, Bonnie & Clyde

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