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Date: 2001-07-03 22:20:00 UTC
Subject: Transmittal of diseases

Hi Steph. You are right in assuming that a virus can be carried on
feet (in theory). It is quite unlikely, but the theory is true. I
wholeheartedly agree with you that everyone around the world should
worried but not to the point of panic. I remember how they traced
what was
then called GRID around a group of bathhouses and then when a man
traveled to
another country, it started all over there. Of course we now know
way more
about the AIDS epidemic now, but I can see a lot of similarities
with the
beginnings of the search with GRID as ADV. 1.) People thought that
they were
immune because they did not have certain characteristics 2.) They
have just
recently developed a fast and easy test for the virus... that was a
big step
in the process of determining how the virus is spread. 3.) The
next step is
to find a vaccine, they are very close of finding a vaccine for some
strain of the HIV virus and hopefully, with all of the people
concerned about
their animals, a vaccine may be in the near future, 4.) and last
but not
least, the learning process is slow, but education is the key, I am
happy to
see the people on this list are getting the education that is needed
informed people like you.