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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-07-04 03:01:00 UTC
Subject: Propecia

Claudia and Zeke are having trouble with their email program. She
asked that I ask the following questions on the list so that we all
might benefit from the answers.

How long can I keep him on the propecia and could I get some feedback
from others who have used it with theirs?

I'm going to smash the 1mg pill and mix it with ferretone. How can I
do it when I go to the .1mg dose?

In the PDR, Propecia is metabolized in the human liver and it is
imporant not to have concurrent liver disease. Should we be doing
LFTs periodically? How often?

Any adverse side effects or symptoms I should be aware of and watch

Thanks guys and hugs Claudia
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