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From: katharine
Date: 2001-07-04 10:21:00 UTC
Subject: New Toll-free Poison Control Number in the US

Juliana wrote:
<This is the only dedicated animal poison control
hotline in the
world manned by veterinarians, not telephone
operators. The number is
staffed 24/7.
(888) 4ANI-HELP or (888) 426-4435<

This number has been in existence for quite a
while but it's still good to post it regularly.
Just to add to Juliana's information, the ASPCA
actually has several phone numbers. I called the
above number and spoke to a veterinarian just to
make sure the information I am giving is correct.
The number Juliana gave does require a major
credit card. There is a $45 one-time fee. They
also have another toll-free number, which is
800-548-2423. This also requires a major credit
card, also $45. If you don't have a credit card,
you can call 900-680-0000. This call goes to the
exact same place and the $45 is charged to your
phone bill (which I would find easier if I was in
a panic over an animal possibly being
poisoned...just charge it to my phone bill!!). If
you call the 800 numbers listed on some products
for ingestion emergencies, many of them also go to
this same ASPCA location and the manufacturer will
pay for the assistance. If you want a direct (via
mail) billing, the fee is $50. Any follow-up
calls on the same emergency are not charged again.

BTW, the vet I talked to owns a ferret!! She told
me about her ferret finding a hole into the wall
in the bathroom. Luckily, it all ended well. I
told her that I keep hydrogen peroxide and
activated charcoal on hand so that, when I do call
Animal Poison Control, I will have what I need to
deal with any accidental poisonings. She said she
wished everyone was this prepared. Most people
don't have on hand what they need for emergencies
and end up having to go to an emergency vet to get
what they need. She did say to get 3% hydrogen
peroxide. Someone recently gave their dog 35%
hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting and it now
has other problems from the hydrogen peroxide. I
just looked. Mine is 3%. I just got lucky, I've
never paid attention to it.

Post these numbers near your phone (all of my
emergency info is on a 3x5 card on the
refrigerator). You don't want to be searching all
over for a phone number in an emergency. I
remember, before 911 (I'm showing my age), a house
behind us was on fire. My daddy asked me to look
up the fire dept. number and I was shaking so bad,
I couldn't do it!

Other supplies to have on hand and information to
have in a handy place...(these are all ferret

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%: 2cc to induce vomiting; may
repeat in 15 minutes (how would this be
adminstered? I can't imagine an animal willingly
drinking hydrogen peroxide)
Vetwrap: to put pressure on bleeding wounds; to
stabilize fractures - check frequently for
Benadryl: 1cc for allergic reaction
Kaopectate: 1/2cc up to 2 days for diarrhea (I
don't know the frequency, does anyone???)
Baby Aspirin: 1/2 for pain
Activated Charcoal: 5cc for accidental poisoning
(would this have to be tubed like I've seen them
do on the vet shows on TV???)
Imodium A/D: 1.25cc every 12 hours for diarrhea

You would still probably need to call animal
poison control for poisons as most of us wouldn't
know whether to induce vomiting or not. But, at
least you would have what you needed to follow
their instructions.

I posted this information a while back and asked
the vets if any of it was incorrect. I didn't see
any responses so I assume the information is good.