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From: Katherine Kingsbury
Date: 2001-07-04 11:58:00 UTC
Subject: choking on chicken bones is not a wives tale (I've never
liked that expression..)

I work at a veterinary hospital, and I can't tell you
how many dogs we've had to sedate and remove bones
from their throats. And not only chicken bones, other
bones as well.

I've had people tell me uncooked bones were safe for
animals because they don't splinter as badly. I've
seen several dogs that were severely constipated from
eating uncooked dead deer (their owners saw them
eating it) and other uncooked bones. These dogs had
to be anethetized and the bones physically removed
from their rectums.

And it is hard to prepare a balanced natural diet for
animals. Most people have trouble doing it for
themselves. :) Seriously, though, I've seen dogs on
natural diets that break bones just running through
their yards. I know not all natural diets are this
lacking, but it does take a lot of research and
commitment. What if your animal needs to be boarded
somewhere? Is the neighbor going to be willing to
feed raw meet?

So as long as my animals remain healthy on a
commercial diet, that is what I will feed.

Just my opinion,


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