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From: Hey Hey Hey
Date: 2001-03-02 07:28:00 UTC
Subject: vitamin b shots

Hey All,

A quick hello and intro. My name is Karen, I joined this list because I
have 3 chronicly ill ferrets and 6 healthy ones.

First there is Noble, insulinoma, heart arrythmia and ferret ashtma,
currently showing signs of adrenal and going in next week to discuss lupron
and other options. He is being treated with pred only at the moment and due
to his other conditions is not a good surgical candidate.

Next there is Pepsi, advanced cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure.
He had an original prognosis of 2 weeks to 6 months, we have passed the 2
weeks and we are going to pass the 6 months also. He is being treated with
lasix and enaporil (sp?)

Last but not least is Rinkydink, my problem child. She is only 2 years old
and has a severe case of EE. This was recently aggravated by a distemper
shot. Two months later I am still fighting to get her stabilized. She is
currently on a daily dose of pred. Flaygl was discontinued last week,
ammoxi the week before. Pepto bismal is used as needed.

Here is the question. When Rinkydink's appetite goes way down but she does
not show any other symptoms, I occasionaly get her a vitamin b shot to boost
her appetite. What I am wondering is there a toxic level for vitamin b?
How often can I get her this shot without jepordizing her health even

Thanks for any help.