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Date: 2001-07-04 12:28:00 UTC
Subject: Concerning the epileptic ferret

Thank you Dr. Karen for your input! This particular ferret [Gypsy],
had ultrasounds, [normal] several cbc's , even fasting, [normal],
toxicolgy, [normal], her temperature was even normal. She was tested
and retested for several days. She has been doing very well for the
past four years, however, I was wondering if I should have her
checked for Phenobarb levels, etc. periodically. My vet has not
recommended anything of this nature. If so, what tests should I ask
my vet to do? I've noticed that with dogs this is necessary. I was
also wondering if she should be fed or given anything to counteract
any possible damaging effects of the Phenobarbitol. She is being
given 0.2 ML Phenobarbitol 20MG/5ML ELIXBDC once daily. She is
estimated to be almost six years old, and has had no health problems,
other than a brief bout with ECE, and the epilepsy. She has had no
seizure activity since then.
Thank you so much for your time! Sandi