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From: J Brown
Date: 2001-07-04 18:43:00 UTC
Subject: blood smears

I hope you can help me with a problem my oldest ferret Chester has .
A few months ago I took in 2 ferrets , one of which was Chester a 7 (or so)
year old hob , his history is : he was given a vasectomy and apparently the
urinary tract was nicked during the procedure , one of his testicles swelled
up and he was taken back to the vets and had a complete neuter , he was
recovering from this when he came to live with me .
His back legs were weak , maybe from being inactive for some weeks , and he
developed a very bad sneeze . I took him to the vets and he had an
antibiotic injection , he was later given a course of antibiotics and the
sneeze has nearly gone . About the time of his sneezing I noticed some blood
smears on the floor of the ferret house , I split the ferrets up and found
it was coming from Chester but not from where , I thought it was from his
nose from the hard sneezing .
There is still some smears of blood on the floor and I have found it is
coming from his bottom . The blood only seems to appear at night but I did
see him go in the litter tray and there was a spot of blood after the poop
he did , I think the smears are from where he wiggles his bottom on the
floor after being in the litter tray , there is no blood in the poop at all
and he is eating well , will play and is happy to go for walks .
Can someone please advise me about this blood and what it could indicate ,
I asked my vet if she would be open to information I received here and she
is happy with that , so advice I can pass on would be greatly appreciated .
Jennie in the UK