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From: Ashlie Ludwig
Date: 2001-07-04 19:45:00 UTC
Subject: Behavior Problems

I have an 8 month old male Marshall Farm ferret, blaze(Arthur) who has
recently started to beat up on my 1 year old Marshall Farm female(Anabelle)
in the cage. Her cries, while not the blood curdling screams, are loud and
intense enough to wake up the whole family in the middle of the night. He
also beats her up during the day. He is just scruffing her, but the
incidents can last up to 20 minutes leaving her with a soaking wet neck.
The other day I found blood in her ear from a scratch. When she tries to
escape, he just follows her. He used to be the lowest on the totem pole
behind a one and a half year old male and Anabelle. Is he trying to up
himself on the ladder? He only does this in the cage, where Anabelle can
not get away--not during out time. Should I ignore this and let them figure
this out, or interfere? If I should interfere, what should I do? Thank you
in advance for any suggestions.
--Ashlie Ludwig
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