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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-07-04 18:07:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Concerning the epileptic ferret


> Thank you Dr. Karen for your input! This particular ferret [Gypsy],
> had ultrasounds, [normal] several cbc's , even fasting, [normal],
> toxicolgy, [normal], her temperature was even normal. She was tested
> and retested for several days. She has been doing very well for the
> past four years, however, I was wondering if I should have her
> checked for Phenobarb levels, etc. periodically. My vet has not
> recommended anything of this nature. If so, what tests should I ask
> my vet to do? I've noticed that with dogs this is necessary. I was
> also wondering if she should be fed or given anything to counteract
> any possible damaging effects of the Phenobarbitol. She is being
> given 0.2 ML Phenobarbitol 20MG/5ML ELIXBDC once daily. She is
> estimated to be almost six years old, and has had no health problems,
> other than a brief bout with ECE, and the epilepsy. She has had no
> seizure activity since then.

I would recommend at least checking the liver function values, but
I recommend complete blood work yearly for ferrets her age, and that
would be included. If all is okay, and her seizures are controlled
on the phenobarb, we can assume (I hate that word) that the levels
are okay. I haven't seen any published phenobarb levels in ferrets.
Someone else may have info here.
-Dr. Karen

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