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From: rosie contessa-yudelson
Date: 2001-07-04 23:50:00 UTC
Subject: Propecia/Careful there, ladies!!!!

Hey my friends!
There are serious risks for women who handle propecia who are or can become
pregnant. Propecia causes severe birth defects-all women who are of child
bearing age who handle this drug should glove up. It can be absorbed via the
skin.(Consult the PDR for the exact details) I'm
somewhat behind in reading my mail-so, this info may have been posted by
another reader-if so, forgive me for being redundant :)

Happy Ferreting to All!
Rosalie Yudelson

"3 Dogs, 2 cats & 5 ferrets-who's got it better than me? Gosh, I'm one lucky

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